Mac Backup and Archive ~ better safe than sorry?

Backup / Archive ~ better safe than sorry?

Why Backup?

Having a backup system in place is akin to having an insurance policy for your data. It’s a safety net that protects against data loss due to various factors such as hardware failure, software corruption, human error, or even malicious attacks like viruses or malware. Even if you never need to use it, the peace of mind it provides is invaluable.

It’s far better to have a backup and not need it, than to need it and not have one!

In the event of data loss, a backup allows for quick and efficient recovery, minimising downtime and potential financial impact. Regular backups also facilitate smoother device upgrades, as data can be easily transferred to new hardware.

Dorset Mac Support can help you set up and maintain a simple, safe backup and archive solution. This ensures that your data is protected and can be easily restored, providing a cushion against potential crises and allowing you to focus on your core business operations without worrying about data loss.

Digital Backup

Regularly test your Backups!

Testing your backups is crucial to ensure that your data can be recovered in the event of a problem. The process verifies that the necessary data is available for recovery and helps you understand how to implement recovery following a data loss. Regular testing can also identify any misconfiguration in the backup software, such as incomplete backups or overlooked error messages. It also ensures that essential data is being fully and accurately preserved. If a test fails, the problem can be fixed before your data is lost forever.

Regular backup and recovery testing can provide you with peace of mind, knowing they are ready for a disaster. It can help to reduce the amount of downtime that you or your business experiences, which is particularly important as hardware failures are almost inevitable.

Dorset Mac Support can help and give practical advise on:

  • Local backups using a hard drive connected directly to your computer
  • Local network backups connected to your Wifi or Router
  • iCloud, Google, DropBox and other safe and secure options
Floppy Disks

Do you have Data on an old Backup or Archive?

Dorset Mac Support offers a valuable service for those who may find themselves with data trapped on outdated storage media. As technology advances, older formats like floppy disks, zip and jazz drives, CDs and old hard drives become obsolete, leaving the data they contain at risk of being lost forever.

Dorset Mac Support specialises in the recovery of data from such media, ensuring that precious files, whether they be personal memories or critical business documents, are not left behind in the digital dark ages. We can help with a variety of legacy formats, and assist in transferring the data to modern storage solutions, preserving it for future access and use. This service is particularly important for those who may not have the equipment or technical know-how to retrieve data from these older storage devices themselves.

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Tony KerinsTony Kerins
14:12 29 Oct 23
When David is solving my computer problems or advising on a course of action, I always feel confident that he has the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible answer.
Peter BoothPeter Booth
13:12 29 Oct 23
David is an absolute mine of help and information about Apple devices. A session by phone or a home visit has always solved any problem and taught me some more about my iMac.
Keith CranfieldKeith Cranfield
10:21 29 Oct 23
I have used Dorset Mac Support on several occasions and I have found the service I have received from David to be extremely professional. David has an exceptional knowledge on how Mac's work and was able to fix my problems with my mail on my Mac as well as give me guidance as to how to improve my Mac's operating system. I would highly recommend the services of Dorset Mac Support.
Frances WalshawFrances Walshaw
20:39 28 Oct 23
David always gives help over the phone but will come round to the house to help if !